Aerial Anime At Your Convention

Want to see Aerial Anime at your convention? The best thing you can do is to go to the convention website and request us as guests.


Are you a convention organizer?  Read on.


Chihiro and Haku at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018. Photo by Ursula Hodge.

We are a performance troupe, dedicated to taking stories and telling them in the air.  We are available for conventions, demonstrations, and some special events.


What we bring:

  • full performers’ insurance.  Certificates of coverage gladly provided upon request.
  • our own portable rig and apparatus
  • 1 hour of anime or game characters in the air, centered around a theme such as video games or Studio Ghibli’s works


What we need:

  • Ceilings at least 17 feet high; 19 feet or higher is better
  • 25 feet by 25 ft of floor/stage space
  • if outdoors, a space at least partially protected from wind and sun and temperatures that stay in the 70s Fahrenheit.
  • sound system
  • Convention passes for all performers, and for helpers if the convention cannot provide helpers from their staff
  • For conventions outside Atlanta, travel expenses and rooms in the convention hotel block


Contact us at for full details.