For questions not answered on the website please contact aerialanime@gmail.com.

What is aerial dance?

Dancing in the air!  More seriously, climbing around on and having fun with various apparatus, mostly of circus origin, such as aerial fabrics, trapeze, lyra, and rope.  Our focus is on storytelling, but there are as many styles as there are in any other performance art.

Why anime?

Because anime (and video games), just like books, movies, comics, and any other medium, have the potential to make us laugh and cry, to walk another being’s path for a time, to help us think about and face the world as it is, as it might be, and as it could be.

FullMetal Alchemist meets aerial fabrics.

Do you do anything other than anime?

Video games!  Sometimes other things entirely.  When we feel like it or receive a not unreasonable request or just need to do a general demonstration.

Isn’t aerial dance dangerous?

It’s a comparable level of risk to rock climbing.  It’s important to know your limits, perform moves correctly, and keep your equipment in good repair.  Compared to driving your car, it’s not dangerous at all.

Can I do aerial dance?

Probably, but unfortunately we don’t offer classes at this time.  Check your local city for aerial classes or circus arts classes.

Can I do aerial anime with you guys?

Send us an email with your dance experience and why you think you would be good at this.  If it looks good, we’ll be in touch about an audition.