Feb 06

Costuming: Sebastian’s Shirt

I sewed a lot in 2016.  Most of the results looked cool, but structurally a lot of them are showing stress from aerial performance and need extensive repair or even total rethinking.  That’s depressing.  I’m avoiding facing all the re-do work by starting on costumes for our new show for 2017.

For 2017 we’re featuring characters from some of our favorite horror anime.  Of course Sebastian from Black Butler has to make an appearance.  For his shirt I was able to use a man’s wing-collared, pin-tucked front shirt that I snapped up from someone else’s closet clearing on the grounds of “might be useful.”  All I had to do was shorten the sleeves and cuffs, done by cutting off the existing cuffs, triming the sleeves, and re-sewing the cuffs and cuff openings.  Not many of my costumes are 1-hour costumes, but it’s nice when one is!

cut off the cuffs

re-sew the cuff openings and then re-attach cuffs