Oct 08

The Mad Person-Who-Prefers-Stitching: Emergency Jewelry Edition

The lovely Legend of Zelda jewelry I tried to buy from an Etsy craftswoman is either languishing lost in a warehouse or gracing the person of an unprincipled cosplay thief.  I needed quick substitutes for our show at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015.  I had four days, cardboard, paint, fabric paint, ribbon, wire, hair clips, cheap jewelry chain, clasps, and beads.  Here’s what I came up with:

Zelda’s belt.  Fragile and far too bendy (I should have used heavier cardboard), but  only needed for the walk onstage.


       Zelda’s crown.  It stayed on, despite numerous upside-down moves during the performance! 


For being primarily a fabric person, and not at all a jewelry person until now, I think these turned out presentable.


Addendum: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess fans will notice I am missing the back hair clip, earrings, and necklace.  I simply gave up on the back hair clip in the given time.  I’ll attempt it for a future performance.  Earrings that won’t fall out need more jewelry skills than I currently have.  I would like to do the necklace, but I need a good way to make something three dimensional that won’t fall off.  In the screenshots Zelda’s necklace hangs from her pauldrons…which is simply a NOPE! situation for an aerialist needing to use her shoulders, turn upside, etc!  I’m still thinking about it.