Apr 16

The Mad Person-Who-Stitches: Rig Wraps

We have a portable aerial rig.  Portable meaning it breaks down into ~1.8 meter beams which we then haul around (or have wonderful helpers to haul them around for us).  To protect the rig paint and the surroundings and for ease of transport we like to have the beams tightly wrapped in packets of 3.


We’ve been using carpet padding and bungee cords for this.  However, carpet padding shreds easily and comes with warnings about being a carcinogen, so we switched to upholstery fabric (the cheapest thing I could find from the sale racks) and nylon ties:

My beautiful picture

I was disappointed with this red. It looks brighter on the computer screen than it actually is.

These anodized steel D-rings have a lovely heft, and should be okay even if we drop rig pieces on them.

My life is so much more fun with Elisheba’s insistence that nothing needs to match anything else, and the more colors the better!