Sep 18

The Mad Person-Who-Stitches: Triumph!

I spent the summer angst-ing mightily over our costumes for a Legend of Zelda routine.  The angst was well spent: I am very happy with how things turned out.  I’m going to start out with my last project: Princess Zelda’s Twilight Princess apron (? if there’s more apt term historical term for this piece of clothing, please comment and let me know).


My beautiful picture

For comparison:



What I did: I sketched the pattern freehand onto graph paper, then traced it onto some medium weight white cotton fabric from my fabric stash with a temporary fabric marker.  Then I colored it in with fabric markers.  I might have had more interest in coloring as a child had I had this sort of project!  I used Marvy Uchida markers, and they performed to the reviews as having no bleeding at the edges of the line, and (almost) odorless.


How it Worked: amazingly well!


Things I Might Do Differently Next Time: Use a more lighter, more finely woven cotton for the front of the apron, with a heavier weave in back to make it hang properly.  The twill weave I used has a definite grain that the marker shows on close inspection.  More careful color selection: finding the right colors of markers was a pain.  Maybe experiment with liquid paints, if I can find fabric paints that will not dry stiff and prone to cracking.